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Where To Buy Stikwood

Stikwood is also extremely temperature sensitive. If you live in an area like Colorado where the weather is unpredictable and fluctuates often, Stikwood may not be able to hold up. Areas that are humid and have frequent moisture from rain or fog also may be susceptible to Stikwood not being able to adhere to surfaces.

where to buy stikwood

Hi Ashley, absolutely love this project and am about to try it for myself! I am having trouble finding the clear matte polyurethane. (I tried Lowes and Home Depot). Do you know where I could get it? Thanks!!! :)

Reclaimed wood is one of the hottest trends in home design, both for its eco-friendly sheen and its warm, welcoming aesthetic qualities. It's found everywhere from tables, to stools, to countertops and beds.

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