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OPEN CALL Buenos Aires/Argentina

R.A.R.O. is an international program of residencies for artists that starts from the need to generate links and exchanges. The key element to R.A.R.O.’s Itinerant Residencies is the opportunity to create, collaborate and travel through various artist spaces during the residence period. ⁠

Artists can work in multiple ateliers, exploring various disciplines in a short time. They choose ateliers based on their preferred techniques and duration. The program spans at least 3 weeks across a minimum of 2 ateliers, allowing for deep dives into techniques. Residents engage with local artists, curators, and collectors, showcasing their work through open studios or exhibitions. ⁠

It's open to artists, curators, and cultural managers globally, with costs varying based on duration and ateliers. Grants are available, including special ones for Argentine artists and full grants for international artists through partnerships with embassies and institutions.⁠

UNTIL <<< 28th December 2023/ 15th February/ 10th March/ 10th July/ 10th August 2024⁠

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